Our rates vary according to your needs. Complexity of material, turn-around time, manuscript length, and space constraints for the final index all play a part in how we will calculate the rate for your book.

Most projects start at $4.00 per indexable page. We sometimes offer discounts off that standard rate for non-profits, social justice organizations, and fellow communities. For rush jobs, we normally charge $4.50 per indexable page. Note that what defines "rush" will change according to the length of the manuscript.

We're happy to receive proofs through the mail, UPS, FedEx, or any delivery system you choose. Our preference is to receive pages electronically as it allows us a few more hours, sometimes days, to begin work on your project. To cover the costs of paper and toner and the labor of printing out entire books, we do charge a printing fee of .10/printed page.

There may be instances where we would waive the printing fee or accept barter for our work on an index. To calculate the exact rates and discuss timing for your project, please contact us.