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October/15/2001 LEARNERS TREK


  • Encourages a beginner's mind
  • Shapes and creates what we are becoming
  • Unifies people by broadening their common ground
  • Increases ability to create and to perceive choices
  • Gives life meaning and purpose across generations by sustaining a community knowledge and ethics base

Learners Trek (LT) : is a community forming based on the life long desire to learn, play and teach. Ideally a community where the pursuit of knowledge, systems thinking, personal growth, health and recreation are the main goals. There is passion, and synergy in proactive learning and play with others that satisfies the soul, matures the spirit and frees the creative juices. Its a vision of a community of people who wish to prioritize their time and resources to learn the knowledge and skills that empowers a human being personally and in our society at large.

The community would embrace the use of multimedia and the Internet to maximize learning, system thinking, communicating, and teaching in and from the community. LT would also use the Internet to support community administration and industries.

Aside from the main agenda of learning we envision an income generating/sharing system to support the goals above with the creation of and contribution to leaving/retirement accounts so that members may have more options to leave as they wish. This would allow people to feel more flexibility when committing to LT.

Learners Trek
138 Twin Oaks Rd

Louisa Va, 23093
Fax:  888-424-8838