Twin Oaks Intentional Community
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Public Events

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Twin Oaks Annual Communities Conference is a networking and learning opportunity for anyone interested or involved in co-operative or communal lifestyles. Read the article linked above for a brief intro. Then check out this event's separate website for the complete package including registration.

Celebrating Ourselves and Our Strength in Community, since 1983. Workshops, Creativity, Sweat Lodge, Fun, Drumming, Yoga, Song, Dance, DIY, Mud-pit, Empowerment, Sharing and Laughter! Visit www.womensgathering.org for everything you need to know! (Registration and email signup here.)

A new event beginning 2017.

Twin Oaks has an event space at one end of our property that's been used over the years for events besides the Communities Conference and Women's Gathering.

There have been formal events, some of which were put on for years running. There have been one-time events for a particular purpose. There could be new events in the future, according to interests of organizing members and effective marshaling of support from the collective.

Here are two past formal events that each ran for several years:

  • Men's Gathering
  • Children's Camps