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News of Twin Oaks

As of 2016 our news stories are now appearing only on our public Facebook page.

In mid-March, over 25 Twin Oakers performed the play Cabaret to 3 nights of enthusiastic audiences. The culmination of several months of rehearsals and hard work, the play was seen by some as a commentary on the parallels between today's political climate in the US and the Nazis' rise to power as portrayed in the play. Photos in our gallery. [posted 1-Apr-2005]

The Gene Kelly Chapter of the Wednesday Musical Watchers Club (a group of Oakers who get together to watch musicals once a week) has reached a milestone—100 musicals watched! The group has also taken a trip to New York City to take in some real-life musicals. [2 Feb 2005]

Current members Sky and Elona (pictured here) share the unique distinction of having parents who lived at Twin Oaks before they were born. In both cases, the parents left community to raise their families, and their offspring chose to return as members once they had reached adulthood. See their photo in this album. [8 Feb 2005]

Books that Twin Oakers say have changed their lives or blown their minds (in no particular order, Feb 2005):

Elaine Morgan. The Descent of Woman/Aquatic Ape
Mary Daly. Gyn/Ecology.
A.S. Neill. Summerhill.
Angela Carter. Nights at the Circus.
Michael Ende. Momo.

In early January, we said goodbye to Melissa, one of our members who will be spending the next two years working with the Peace Corps in Mali. At least 4 other current members have served with the Peace Corps before coming to Twin Oaks. We look forward to hearing from Melissa as her cross-cultural adventures begin. [posted 6 Jan 2005]

Homemade cheese round

One of several 8 inch diameter cheese rounds processed and ready to cure in our cheese kitchen. Twin Oaks produces all of our own cheeses and dairy products, including cheddar, gouda, swiss, blue cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, butter and occasionally ice-cream, all made with milk from our herd of dairy cows. Twin Oaks: 40 cows and one checkbook. [20 Nov 2004]

Twin Oaks member Cameron prepares to launch a replica of a traditional seal-hunting kayak from northwest Greenland that he built himself. He recently kayaked in a bay in Delaware with others interested in traditional Greenland kayaks. [13 Oct 04]

Twin Oaks member Cameron spends his free time these days building a replica of a traditional seal-hunting kayak from northwest Greenland. Cameron was an anthropology professor before moving to Twin Oaks. Photo. [10 Sep 2004]

We had a great conference this year. It's trite to say except that it happens to be true that it was one of the best in recent years. Through some combination of good organization and support from a solid core of Oakers, no rain (at least until towards the end) and divine intervention of no unforeseen stressful complications and/or people immediately available to deal with aforementioned complications, the weekend was a smooth flow of revolutionary communalism in action. [posted 16 Sep 2004]