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News of Twin Oaks

As of 2016 our news stories are now appearing only on our public Facebook page.

Twin Oaks was visited by a local food blogger. She came for the tofu, and was wowed by the community. Her post is here.

Besides the substantial Virginia state rebate we received at the time of construction of our new solar array (see below), we are now receiving regular payments through an auction-trade program called SRECTrade depending on how much electricity we generate.

One of our members, Ira Wallace, is on the board of the Organic Seed Alliance. The OSA recently won a ruling against Monsanto that put a hold on the planting of GMO sugar beets in the Pacific Northwest until more environmental impact can be assessed.

We recently installed an array of 48 photo-voltaic solar panels which are inter-connected with grid power through our local electric co-op. The power generated will supply several buildings and our main well. Excess generated electricity will be fed back into the grid, and spin our electric meter backwards. Update: see power production for our array here.

More solar electricity!

There's nothing like being snowed in to bring out people's creativity! Kayde organized a show that included various members showing off their talents: singing, poetry, a puppet show, piano and three different types of dance (belly-dancing, modern dance, and salsa). [Posted 10-Feb-2010.]

Kayde and Gwen at Variety Show

We've recently had two documentaries include Twin Oaks as part of their films-in-progress. Sharing and Caring, and Americas Mojo.[Posted 19-Nov-2009.]

Twin Oaks is mourning the loss of one of our members, who took his own life Tuesday October 13. We miss Allen, and hope that he is free from suffering as we continue to grieve in his absence. Allen's obituary. [Posted 21-Oct-2009.]

"Voice of America", a federal government program that promotes a positive view of the US to other countries, recently featured Twin Oaks. Print version no longer available (2012). The YouTube video is here. [Posted 27-Aug-2009.]

On May 17, 2009, we celebrated the wedding of Summer and Purl. The many family members and friends who attended were undaunted by the sprinkling of rain, as vows were exchanged, and a fruit tree planted for baby Anya, as part of the ceremony.Wedding - Summer and Purl