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Wisdom from the Edge

In a time not different from this one, but in a land very far away, there is a kingdom of wisdom. An in this kingdom there is a princess. One of her responsibilities is to know the land of the kingdom, both its people and its places. One day she traveled to the farthest edge of the kingdom, where it bordered a vast uncharted, unclaimed and unknown land.

She stayed at this point for several days appreciating the beauty of the large lake and looking with awe at the forest of the unknown land. As she was preparing to leave she decided to take one look back at this most beautiful view and was surprised to see a man emerge from the uncharted land.

The princess immediately went down from the hill and into this foreign land, for she was fearless. As she approached it was clear both that he was not from her kingdom nor were they of the same social class, for he was dressed nearly in rags, but this did not prevent there being an attraction between the two which transcended wealth and station.

After they had thrown stones into the lake and spoken quietly for several hours the pauper asked the princess "My dearest lady, would you be so kind as to tell me the secrets of the kingdom of wisdom?"

The princess who indeed knew these things was a bit surprised and said "Well, fair stranger, i am not sure i can grant your request, for i know not if you are worthy."

And at this the pauper jumped up and began a long slow deep bow to show his respect to the royalty. But almost through with his theatrical movement he stumbled (perhaps intentionally?) and then proceeded into a series of mime performances of mock clumsiness. And the princess began to laugh at his silly performance. Then he withdrew juggling balls from his multicolored bag and she sat astonished at his ability. He took out magic tricks and pulled her hair and she returned to laughing at his performance. After just a few minutes the princess was both amazed and laughing so hard she feared she would wet her royal pants.

"Stop, stop, i will tell you", she cried thru her tears of joy. "i know not still if you have proven yourself worthy, but i can laugh no more, i will tell you the secrets" The pauper now became quiet again and it seemed even the wind stopped to listen to the words of the heir to the thrown.

Regaining her composure the princess said quite seriously "The secrets of the kingdom of wisdom are three:

  • Follow your heart
  • Never give up"
  • No one with dreams is poor

The breeze began softly to blow again. After a respectful moment the pauper silently packed his tricks into his multicolored bag and began to walk around the lake and out of the kingdom.

The princess called after him, "Fair sir, have you nothing to say about this wisdom?" her voice echoed over the water.

"Only this my lady", replied the pauper, "i understand your secrets and find them true, but you have forgotten the one rule"

"And what is that?" called the princess as she could barely hear the pauper.

"Do not take yourself too seriously" he said as he disappeared into the forest.